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I probably inherited the traveler and wanderer gene from my pilot father who had traveled around the world several times in his short life. Travel has given me the opportunity to learn about the world.  I'm curious about other cultures, traditions and their challenges.  Most of the places I've been traveling are very challenging.  At the end of  my first trip to Ethiopia I experienced a life threatening health problem where I ended up being air ambulanced to the American Hospital in Paris.  I was put on life support, my family notified that "it didn't look good" My career as an OR and ER nurse did nothing to help me survive as I was unconscious.  The next three months was spent recovering from toxic shock most likely from an insect bite that got infected and into my blood stream.  This was an experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone but thanks to my Dr's , many people in Addis Abba, family, friends, friends of friends I recovered and continue to pursue my passion for travel photography.  


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